Tuesday, January 30

The Mystery of Picasso

In 1955, French director, Henri-Georges Clouzot had the most amazing idea. He would film Pablo Picasso as he painted 20 artworks, ranging from quick sketches to widescreen color oil paintings.

The oils are mesmerizing and give a fascinating insight to the artist's spontaneous process.

Dr Money And The Boy With No Penis

An experiment on nature versus nurture goes tragically wrong. On 22 August 1965 Janet Reimer was granted her dearest wish: she gave birth to twins. The two boys, Brian and Bruce, were healthy babies, but they would lead tragic lives, blighted by one scientist's radical theory.

Thursday, January 4

Podcast: The Flying Saucer

This is the first mash-up record from 1956, Flying Saucer by Dickie Goodman and Bill Buchanan.