Thursday, November 23

Podcast: Trans Addiction

"Trans Addiction" from the album CRAZED + DAZED by DJ Insane and The G-Man
on Delvian Records.

Dance like crazy!

Reproduced with kind permission of The G-Man.

Wednesday, November 22

Podcast: Amrita Rain

Raga Amritavarshini with some Western beats and harmonics put together by three guys in a basement with mid level recording equipment and varying talents.

Tuesday, November 7

Eric Clapton: Layla

Layla was written for Patti (Boyd) Harrison, who was married to George Harrison at the time.

Eric Clapton was the first white blues guitarist worthy of comparison to the great African-American blues greats such as B B King, Albert King, Freddie King, and Muddy Waters.

He has proven himself worthy of that comparison through his electrifying performances and recordings with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Cream, and as a solo artist.

His searing solos on his Fender Stratocaster guitar /Marshall amplifier combination has been imitated but never surpassed.

Lou Reed: Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Lou Reed’s song is about transvestites who come to New York City and become prostitutes. "Take A Walk On The Wild Side" is what they say to potential customers.

Reed's poem to sexual ambiguity and bohemian decadence broke new ground but “Walk On The Wild Side” wasn't banned by the BBC because the bosses didn't understand the lyrics.

Songs written about Pattie "Layla" Boyd

Like a modern-day Helen of Troy, Pattie Boyd was the muse who was loved and lost, wooed, won and lost again by two of the rock heroes of the time - George Harrison married her, and his best friend Eric Clapton stole her away. In the course of these romances, Boyd had so many rock anthems written to her - Something, Layla, Wonderful Tonight - that the wealth of tributes bordered on profligacy.

With musicians' machismo, Harrison and Clapton once engaged in an all-night duelling guitar session for her hand. When Clapton won, she re-immersed herself in a fresh round of wild London parties and hectic foreign tours, until his drug and drink addictions eclipsed everything else in his life - and the spell broke.

Songs written about Pattie Boyd

by George Harrison:

"I Need You" - this was a love song for his new girl.

"Think For Yourself" - this was written when he was miffed at her.

"Something" - in interview he has credited Pattie as the inspiration to this song.

by Eric Clapton:

"Layla" - he expressed the pain of his unrequited love for Pattie with this classic song.

"Wonderful Tonight" - he finally got his 'Layla' and wrote this based on an evening they shared.

"Pretty Girl" - dedicated to his pretty girl.

"Never Make You Cry"

Songs sung by Pattie

Pattie provided backup vocals for the Beatles and when George went solo.

"All You Need Is Love" - on the Beatles 1967 LP Magical Mystery Tour.

"Birthday" - on the Beatles 1968 LP White Album.

"Yellow Submarine" - on the Beatles 1969 LP Yellow Submarine.

"Bye Bye Love" - on George Harrison's 1974 LP Dark Horse, also featuring Eric Clapton on guitar