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Songs written about Pattie "Layla" Boyd

Like a modern-day Helen of Troy, Pattie Boyd was the muse who was loved and lost, wooed, won and lost again by two of the rock heroes of the time - George Harrison married her, and his best friend Eric Clapton stole her away. In the course of these romances, Boyd had so many rock anthems written to her - Something, Layla, Wonderful Tonight - that the wealth of tributes bordered on profligacy.

With musicians' machismo, Harrison and Clapton once engaged in an all-night duelling guitar session for her hand. When Clapton won, she re-immersed herself in a fresh round of wild London parties and hectic foreign tours, until his drug and drink addictions eclipsed everything else in his life - and the spell broke.

Songs written about Pattie Boyd

by George Harrison:

"I Need You" - this was a love song for his new girl.

"Think For Yourself" - this was written when he was miffed at her.

"Something" - in interview he has credited Pattie as the inspiration to this song.

by Eric Clapton:

"Layla" - he expressed the pain of his unrequited love for Pattie with this classic song.

"Wonderful Tonight" - he finally got his 'Layla' and wrote this based on an evening they shared.

"Pretty Girl" - dedicated to his pretty girl.

"Never Make You Cry"

Songs sung by Pattie

Pattie provided backup vocals for the Beatles and when George went solo.

"All You Need Is Love" - on the Beatles 1967 LP Magical Mystery Tour.

"Birthday" - on the Beatles 1968 LP White Album.

"Yellow Submarine" - on the Beatles 1969 LP Yellow Submarine.

"Bye Bye Love" - on George Harrison's 1974 LP Dark Horse, also featuring Eric Clapton on guitar

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